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Business aircraft lease by TSH aviation

Business aircraft leases

Flexible and temporarily aircraft solutions

When elaborated right, an ACMI or dry lease of a corporate aircraft is a very flexible solution and an ideal temporarily option to respond to an increase in business, to replace an AOG during heavy maintenance, to test a new charter market or simply wait for the delivery of a new aircraft.

Operating leases are a practical alternative to purchasing outright. The risks associated with aircraft residual values in today's market is not negligible. An operating lease is the solution to decrease and even eliminate those risks while benefitting of most of the advantages of full aircraft ownership.

During a lease, the owner of the aircraft or lessor, retains the title to the aircraft but transfers the possession to the lessee. The possession; not necessarily the operational control.

TSH aviation has an extensive experience in arranging aircraft leases in both corporate airplanes and helicopters.

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