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Airplane and helicopter acquisition and management services

Aircraft acquistion and management by TSH aviation



Purchasing an aircraft is a complex process that requires a clear strategy, years of experience and the right ally.

For more than three decades, Thierry S. Huguenin has served numerous clients assisting each of them to acquire the best airplane or helicopter for their specific type of mission and within predetermined budget.

TSH aviation will assist you through the entire process of aircraft acquisition by representing your best interest.

We will work closely with you and your legal and financial advisors to clearly define your acquisition project, locate, select and evaluate candidate aircraft and then negotiate on your behalf the best possible deal. Once these steps are done, we will draft the aircraft purchase agreement, arrange and supervise the pre-purchase inspection, the aircraft delivery acceptance and assure a smooth closing.

No surprise costs and fees – all costs related to purchasing an aircraft are identified up-front. Our compensation is governed by a flat-fee, determined in advance. In no way it is tied to the final purchase price.




Our team will assist aircraft owners in selecting an aircraft operator and negotiate the terms and conditions of the management agreement.


Then, we will supervise the day-to-day operation of your aircraft, its maintenance and all the financial aspects to assure impartial analyses and decisions to achieve a streamlined, cost efficient and hassle-free aircraft ownership experience.


From aircraft sourcing to a smooth closing

Aircraft operations and maintenance supervision

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