Our Team

Thierry - TSH aviation


Managing Partner

Thierry has 30 years of experience in general aviation. He learnt to fly in the 80's at Aéroclub de Genève and then went to Fort-Worth, Texas and qualified for a FAA IFR commercial pilot license before obtaining his commercial license in Switzerland. He had the chance to be involved twice in Piper Aircraft dealerships, first in Europe and then in the U.S. Independent consultant in business aviation for more than 2 decades, proud member of AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) since 1995, Thierry's dedication and passion for aviation combined with a truly honest work ethic serve his clients excellently.

Beatrice - TSH aviation


Managing Partner

Beatrice graduated in 1988 from HEC Lausanne, School of Business. She has been administrating the aviation business of Thierry since its inception. She gradually became more involved in the day to day operations arranging private charter flights, supporting customers with their aircraft spare parts purchase orders and managing the finances. Beatrice's knowledge in aircraft charter is second to none and she is excelling in customer support.

Stefan h.jpg


Sales Support

The millennial member of TSH aviation!
Although new to aviation, Stefany grew up listening to mom and dad's conversations about airplanes, helicopters, private jet transactions and charter flights. Maryland native, she's passionate about horses and animals in general. She is studying  to get her occupational therapy degree. She first joined our business aviation consulting company in 2017 part-time to support aircraft sales and acquisitions and keep a close eye on the aircraft marketplace.